April 10, 2010

Journey with The Sea Captain's Wife

Historical Fiction, with its focus on days gone by, is often a relaxing break from today's world; a steaming cup of soup that warms and envelops. I was hoping for this kind of enjoyment from The Sea Captain's Wife as I started it early one Saturday morning. How nice to go back to bed with a cup of tea and the promise of a few hours reading.

Set in the mid 1800s, the story begins on the banks of the Bay of Fundy and transports the reader, along with a sea captain, his wife and child, around the world on a voyage that is filled with the wonders and misfortunes that are part of a life dictated by the wind and the stars. What gives the story added elements of depth and tension are the often turbulent waters of this young couple's relationship as they navigate the customs and conventions of the day, when women were not welcomed on board and the opportunity for privacy and intimacy was scarce. The Sea Captain's Wife is a completely engrossing read; I could barely put it down. When I turned the last page, I was sorry to find myself back on shore. - Nina

Visit Beth Powning's site for fascinating history of the period including diaries and dirivations. The Globe and Mail gave the book a wonderful review.

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  1. I too loved this book, Nina, and wished I never had to say goodbye to the characters! - Cath