April 20, 2010

Melodic Sounds of Gianmaria Testa

I first heard Italian singer-songwriter Gianmaria Testa's warm, dusky voice on a Putumayo World Music CD, Italian Cafe. I was bewitched and floated in a trace like state to my favourite music store, L'atelier Grigorian, to pick up his first CD, Montgolfières. Testa is one of the artists that creates the musicial atmosphere of the Flying Dragon. He has become a personal and customer favourite. - Cath
When listening to Testa's songs for the second time, it becomes clear to what extent his music has always followed the same thread. A delicate thread that has been held onto every since that day of celebration and childhood when he discovered the power of suggestion of simple song. Music that roams the subterranean shocks, the sometimes veiled confusion which, without warning and everlastingly, can give rise to that agonizing happiness, that indescribable fervor of feeling alive, penetrated, affected by the world, and that disturbing desire to be able to and to know how to describe it. - Richard Robert (Les Inrockuptibles)
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