Aviators of The Flying Dragon

Nina can tell you exactly where she was when she read each book in the store. Her optimism and passion for life is reflected in our adult section, which she lovingly selects, one special title at a time.

Cath brings magic to everything she touches. When she isn't reading about faraway places, she can be found hunting for beautiful books and other treasures to enrich the store.

Elaine specializes in performative picturebooks and good ole British Whodunnits. She has legions of young fans who come back year after year to her storytimes and bookclubs.

Patti  loves contemporary literary fiction with an international bent. Due to her fiscal finesse we are able to stock piles of our favourite books.

Vikki will read anything that is described as a poignant coming of age story. She spends most of her time nosing around in middle grade and teen, where she hopes to find books with her name on them in the near future.

Sheryl brings years of hands-on teaching experience using great books in the classroom. She is a well-read traveler and will lead you to the treasures in our collection.

Lacey comes to us from various areas of publishing, bringing with her a passion for books and a sunny smile.

Rachel works in literacy and is our Can-lit Queen. She brings a vintage vibe and a quirky sense of humour.

Ashley reigns over all things sci-fi and fantasy, and can be found digging for artifacts in Jordan when she's not digging in the prop room for displays. (or teaching in Japan)

Casey, our zen master, balances his love of international fiction with laugh-aloud novels from our middle section.

Kerry is our resident shelf elf and can most often be found in the middle grade section.

David wears many hats, working as a teacher, editor and writer. He is a gentle soul and a well-read addition to our team.