July 28, 2010

The Little Stranger by Sarah Waters

A friend was quizzing me recently for a great book to take with her on vacation. She wanted a big satisfying novel, something she could really sink her teeth into. Something literary, a page turner, maybe something suspensful but not a traditional mystery. Something she and her husband could both enjoy. The Little Stranger by Sarah Waters is just the book for my friend and anyone else looking for a truly captivating story.

Set in a small country town in England, just post WWII, in an era that saw many of the local gentry unable to keep up their pre-war lifestyle, the story revolves around the estate Hundreds Hall and the Ayres family who are desperately trying to hold onto the family heritage. The story is told by Dr. Faraday, the local physician who becomes more and more involved with the strange goings on in the crumbling house. Who is the little stranger? I've had a number of stimulating discussions with others who have enjoyed the book as much as I have and now can hardly wait to have a nice cup of tea and another good chat with my friend when she comes back from her holiday! - Nina

Read an extract here.

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