July 11, 2010

Acquainted with the Night

Do you remember the freedom of summer, that last day of school and the endless summer days stretching before you? With each young customer that popped into the store last week I had a little memory burst. As they piled their books on the counter it reminded me of the books I read on those hot sultry evenings lying on the old camp cot on the porch.

Summer was the time I reread my favourites and still do. Tonight after everyone has left the cottage I will sit on the porch surrounded by books, dip into poetry collections, gaze into my art books and flip through books about Scotland.  Then when it is dark and quiet and with only the stars and fireflies lighting the night, I will slide the kayak into the cool water and drift as I gaze at the night sky.

Finally, when the night has wrapped itself around me, I will head to shore, walk along the stepping stones that still hold the sun's heat, and climb into bed with Christopher Dewdney's Acquainted with the Night.

Acquainted with the Night is an hour-by hour journey throught the darkness. Dewdney explores all aspects of the night through science, mythology, poetry, psychology, history and the literature we associate with the night. This is a book to first read from start to finish and then dip into again and again. - Cath

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