May 20, 2010

The Solitude of Prime Numbers

Always curious to read a book that is enjoying huge international acclaim, I looked forward to hunkering down with The Solitude of Prime Numbers by Italian author Paolo Giordano. From the first page I was involved in the lives of two children, Alice and Mattia, and the series of incidents that would shape the way they see themselves, setting the stage for the outsiders they would become.

Clear, evocative writing, like a cold stream that allows you to see the grit and stones on the bottom, propelled me forward through the coming of age of these two young people who come to recognize a kinship in each other. Desperately hoping all will be well for my young friends, I found The Solitude of Prime Numbers to be a mesmerizing read that speaks to the anguish and poignancy of youth and young adulthood. A story not soon forgotten. - Nina

Read the first chapter here.
Read  Liesl Schillinger's review at NYTimes Sunday Book Review.
Paolo Giordano speaks about "being protected by the page".

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