June 18, 2010

A Quote for My Father

A quote for my father by Clarence Budington Kelland -
       He didn't tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it.

Dad, thanks for -
reading my favorite book over and over and over again,
talking as we walked the dog around the block,
encouraging my love of baseball even when I struck out,
throwing me off your shoulders into the ocean waves,
bringing me a comic every Friday night,
taking me to the lumber yard and letting me run wild,
having patience as you taught me to drive on the old country road,
sharing a KitKat after a humbling round of golf,
letting me work in your office even though I drove you mad,
holding the broom so I could practice a 100 and 1 curling shots,
playing with my children by the magnolia tree,
showing me the way through adversity and sickness with your smile.

I think of you often and remember.

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